fit-is-healthyThis blog is now a blog about getting healthy and being fit. You got to want it to accomplish anything in life. I am an experienced runner, I've run mostly sprints but I also did Cross Country so please feel free to ask questions!

Being healthy is a lifestyle.

Height: 5'0
Starting weight / highest weight: 137
cw: unknown (no scales in my dorm// i dont wanna check at the gym)
gw: just where at a point where I feel confident and happy in my own skin :)

Ultimate goal: to be fit, healthy, happy and toned :]

message me to make me work out!:
abs= 30 crunches
legs= 20 squats
cardio= 100 jumping jacks
and for every follwer i get i will do 10 push ups <3

I track the tag #fitishealthy so if you want me to check out your blog or something tag a post with that.


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